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Healthy Food

Integrating compassionate nutrition and the latest science to help you thrive.

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Hey there!

If you're looking for a different approach to help you optimize your health and brain function, you're in the right place. I'm a self-proclaimed foodie, recipe developer, and shameless nutrition nerd. I love delicious food and understand the scientific importance of nutrition for health, but I also understand the struggle to get meals on the table when your schedule is packed. 


After working as a certified nutritionist for the past 10 years, I've spent the past three years studying functional nutrition at the graduate level at the University of Western States. Now, I focus on tying the two together - helping people understand the enormous impact of food on mental health while establishing an approachable plan for personalized nutrition. 

Click below to learn more about functional nutrition and the CNS credential.


I can help if...

Pile of Pills

You tried medication for your mental health, but...

Prescription medications didn't work for you, or you couldn't stand the side effects.

Stomach Ache

Your mental health

is just the beginning

You have other health problems, like digestive issues, and just don't feel well.


You're not able to make the most of therapy

You've been in therapy, but you're struggling to implement changes because your brain feels like a mess inside.


You and food don't get along

You've been dieting your whole life or don't have a good relationship with food.

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